The Big Picture.

A new direction to start thinking.

We come across so many situations in life and sometimes we just don’t know what to do — Try this☺

“Look at The Big Picture”

It all started from our old office, a close friend of mine told me —“Everyday you come to office, before you start your work for the day, you should take a cup of coffee and stand on the beautiful terrace at the rooftop of your office for 15 minutes and look at the farthest view possible.

I said that sounds like crap!!

He was persistent on me trying to do the exercise and finally he did convince me to do the same.

When I looked for the first time I saw some buildings in front of me, then my friend says zoom beyond the building, I saw some empty land, he says zoom beyond it, saw a small stone hill, he says zoom more then I saw some small hills in the horizon, then zooming further I see a faded shade of another Building — The ICICI Towers.

Big Picture 1

The View of Change!!

As I started thinking that day I got a new view to life.

Firstly all these years I have been working in my current office but never knew that I can see ICICI Towers (8 km) from my current location

Lesson: It’s not until you have seen the big picture you would start believing in it.

If today I want to look at ICICI towers again — It’s easy now because I know the direction I need to look at and the destination is clear.

Lesson: Once you look at the big picture, then decide the destination and choose the direction you want to head in your life.

If I want to go to ICICI towers from my current location I can now easily make a plan. Example — Purpose, Time, Traffic, Vehicle, Driving Direction Etc.

Lesson: Look into the big picture and then drill down to the minute things you need to do to reach the destination.

Our primary need is to identify “The want to do it attitude” and then the secondary step is to know “How to do it & When to do it”.

Once we start to use this thought process in our life, it’s very easy to give direction to our thoughts. Don’t focus on doing things with a small or short term view. You might benefit from it in the initial days but what you have done with a short term view has killed the explorer in you.

“Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it”

Clement Stone 

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