The Powerful Radha Soami and Shabd Yoga.

The concept of Shabd Yoga — Spiritual Meditation.

In this world of constant competition and technology outbreak I feel there is an requirement of exploring self and the power within — Spiritual Meditation is the essence of purifying soul and discovering the inner satisfaction.

Radhasoami – (Radha Swami) is a spiritual movement that originated in 19th century in India and is considered by adherents as a true way to attain God realisation. The Radhasoami faith “Path of the Sants” also referred to as Sant Mat. The word “Radhasoami” itself is actually a combination of two words: “Radha” (referring to the soul or spiritual essence, either of an individual or of the whole) and “Soami” (referring to the spiritual master; cognate to the Sanskrit term swami or svami); the combined word thus refers to the “Lord of the Soul” or God. This movement was started by Shiv Dayal Singh Seth (called “Swami or Soami Ji Maharaj” by followers and devotees) was born 25 August 1818 (Agra,UP) and died 15 June 1878 (Agra). He was a Satguru of Sant Mat and Radhasoami tradition.

Shiv Dayal Singhji

Spiritual Meditation.

Radhasoami teachings center upon a type of meditation practice known as “Surat Shabd Yoga”. Shabd is referring to a spiritual current which can be perceived in meditation as inner light and sound. Yoga is referring to the uniting of our real essence (soul) through an inner listening with focused mental concentration (surat) upon an inner sound (shabd) which it is maintained emanates from Radhasoami the Supreme Being. It is therefore taught as the unchanging and primordial technique for uniting the soul with the supreme being via the power of Shabd.

Following the practice of meditation under the guidance of a spiritual teacher who is himself in contact with Shabd, is considered of paramount importance.Pre-requisites for successful achievement of the meditation practice are a lacto- vegetarian diet, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and maintaining a pure and moral lifestyle.

I got initiated (called ‘Diksha’) in the year 1999 to Thakur Anukul Chandra — (14 September 1888 — 27 January 1969), born Anukul Chandra Chakravarty, was an Indian Hindu guru, and the founder of the Satsang Ashram at Deoghar. He is devotedly referred to as Sri Sri Thakur Purushottam (divine man).

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra Chakravarty
Sri Sri Thakur Purusottam

Thakur Anukul Chandra was born in a Brahmin family, in the village of Himaitpur, in the Pabna District of East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in Undivided India. His father was Sri Siva Chandra Chakravarty (Shandilya Gotra Kanyakubja Brahmin) and his mother was Manomohini Devi. Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra was initiated (called ‘Diksha’) by his mother on behalf of Huzur Maharaj of Radha Swami Satsang, Dayalbagh, Agra.

Its important to know about Huzur Maharaj of Radha Swami Satsang

Huzur Saligram
Huzur Maharaj

Huzur Maharaj was born in a Kayastha family of Peepal Mandi, Agra on 14 March 1829.He served as chief inspector of post offices in British India, and, in 1881, was Postmaster-General of the North-Western Provinces, based in Allahabad. He came in contact with his guru, Shiv Dayal Singh, in 1858 in Agra. He had a deep faith in his guru and became a follower of the Radha Soami spiritual movement.

The things that inspire me in the concept.

According to Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra, the purpose of our life is Ishwarprapti, to attain mastery over every aspect of our life, character and everything, so we become like a dew-drop reflecting the light of the sun of our life — The Supreme Father, the Lord of all Lords. The pillars of life and growth, according to him, are Jajan, Jaajan, Ishtabhriti, Swastayani and Sadachar. The way to ensure that good souls tread the world, as he stressed, are: Diksha (Initiation), Shiksha (Education) and Vivaha (marriage) done according to the way of the natural laws of the Supreme Father.

Surat Shabd Yoga is to realise the individual’s True Self (Self -Realisation),True Essence (Spirit – Realisation) and True Divinity (God -Realisation) while living in the human physical body. This involves reuniting in stages with what is called the Essence of the Absolute Supreme Being, the Shabd. Attaining such self – realisation is believed to result in jivan moksha/mukti, liberation/release from samsara, the cycle of karma and reincarnation. Initiation by a contemporary living Satguru(Sat — true, Guru — teacher) is considered a prerequisite for successful sadhana. The spiritual exercises (sadhanas) include Simran (repetition, particularly silent repetition of a mantra given at initiation), Dhyan (concentration, viewing, or contemplation, particularly on the Inner Master), and Bhajan (listening to the inner sounds of the Shabd).

Diet — Pre-requisites for successful achievement of the meditation practice are a lacto-vegetarian diet, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and maintaining a pure and moral lifestyle.

Now all of you reading this article might be wondering that in this era of Science and Technology why I choose to talk about this concept. The concept of Guru — has been existing from the days of Ramayana and Mahabharata — the epics and time and again we see there is a need for one such person in life who can show you the right direction.

“You are for the lord not for others; you are for the lord and so for others. ”

— Thakur Anukul Chandra

This above line has a strong message towards humanity, if you think in terms of true human you would believe this is what we should do ideally. I went through the quotes on the website and it completely convinces me even if you look at it from the motivation point and not just the spiritual aspect.

The concept of Meditation or Yoga has prevailed from the same era of Ramayan and Mahabharata and I don’t know of anything else that can allow you control the always working “Mind” to be honest. We techies have already seen the power of our mind on what we do daily and can do, now just imagine if you can do thing with complete control of your mind in true sense what’s right for humanity.

The diet control pre-requisites for successful achievement of the meditation practice convinces me from the angle of maintaining good health which would ideally be the key for maintaining a pure and moral lifestyle with better prosperity.


Jai Guru!

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