The few moments of my life which will be always valuable, some personal and some professional.

The Making – Mutual Mobile – New Hyderabad Office 2015.


Mutual Mobile Grand Opening 2015.


Anant + Abin
I meet Anant after 12 years – G.E. Consumer.


My Wipro Team 2006 - 2008.
My Wipro Team 2006 – 2008.



Abin + Ganesh Lakshminarayanan
My Lucky Dell Days – Ganesh Lakshminarayanan.


Aarcon Awards Day.
Aarcon Awards Day.


Dell Team - Team SiegerZ
Dell Team – Team SiegerZ – 2012.


First Live Song Performance - Sutherland
First Live Song Performance – Sutherland Global 2011.


My Sutherland Team
My Sutherland Team – at&t Connect Tech.


Family Outing + Ed
Family Outing + Ed Ireson.

Chilling in the morning


We caught up @Helipad.


Mickey Ristroph & Abin.



Swaach Bharat
Swaach Bharat.


Little Mascot - Swaach Bharat
Little Mascot – Swaach Bharat


Abin + Judson
Best Buddies.


Champagne Toast
Proud Moment of Champagne Toast.


The Techy Dude
The Techy Dudes 🙂


My Class Mates - Y2K Batch
My Class Mates – Y2K Batch.


Green Plantation Drive
Green Plantation Drive.


We are Married.


The Family
We are the family.